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Title : JavaScript Goodies by Joe Burns (1999-06-12)
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JavaScript Goodies by Joe Burns (1999-06-12) Reviews

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    2019-04-26 22:44

    I am a full-time website developer and I had been trying to learn JavaScript for the past two years. I purchased numerous books, and couldn't seem to get the hang of JavaScript until I bought Joe's book. I able to learn the basics of JavaScript in less than a week. I now use JavaScript everyday and can call myself a JavaScript programmer. In fact, I would even recommend this book for experienced HTML coders who are interested in learning programming. Joe has done an excellent job explaining Arrays, Variables, Objects, Loops, etc. These are functions that are found in almost all programming languages, including Visual Basic, C, C++ and Java. After I finished this book, I started teaching myself Visual Basic and I have found that many of the things that Joe taught me apply to VB. If you are looking to expand your skills beyond HTML, this is the book to buy.

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    2019-05-09 02:26

    I don't care if you are a howler monkey, Joe Burns will make you understand JavaScript. Too many times I have purchased technical books and soon found myself searching for a razor to end my life. Joe writes in such a manner that you never feel lost or never do a double-take after a chapter and say to yourself "What did I just read?". He explains by example. He lets you know what every object, method, and property does in all of the examples included in the book. Joe's teaching style should be adopted by every technical writer out there. There is no better way to learn Javascript today! The only question I have is, where is the Perl and Java books by Joe Burns? Joe, I know you will make me understand these languages as well as you taught me JavaScript!

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    2019-05-19 22:44

    I bought this book after reading all the good and bad reviews. I was pretty happy with it overall, but think it's good for those new to javascript. I agree that there are some typos and it would have been much nicer to have a CD-ROM, but I was able to get through this book quickly and can now handle basic javascript coding and can pick apart and understand most codes I see on the web. If you want a reference guide or to learn javascript in depth, then yes, you'll need a different or an additional book. BUT if you are like I was when I bought it - completely new to javascript and programming - then I think it's a pretty solid buy.

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    2019-05-02 01:47

    This book is THE book for anyone looking to start learining javascript! i picked it up a week ago and can not put it down, it is great, The way that the language is presented to the reader is what makes this book so good! Joe gives you a chunk of code and tells you what it does as a whole and then breaks each part down to make sure you understand it! also there are assignments at the end of each chapter, BUT if you don't understand it, then you can find possible answers to EACH assignment to make sure you understand it! and the best part is it doesnt cost a fortune! so go buy this book, you WILL be very happy you did!

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    2019-05-01 03:36

    I have been visiting the htmlgoodies site for quite sometime now and found the tutorials and primers to be good. So when Joe Burns released his book on Javascript goodies I bought it. It is a good book but one thing that would have made it better was if he had given the codes and scripts in a CDROM or other media accompanying the book. It was really bugging to see all the links that he had given to the htmlgoodies site to find the code. If the code and scripts had accompanied the book it would have made it even more better.

  • JB
    2019-05-10 00:32

    This book might be O.K. for an absolute beginner, but anyone who has any programming experience of any kind should stay away. The author clearly has no idea about basic programming concepts because he sounds amazed by simple concepts such as variables, arrays, methods, and objects. Here are a few examples:In several places the author writes an if statement that will always be true so that "we know the condition will run." Huh? Obviously, if it is always true there is no need to have it! (See page 241 if you don't believe me.)Another example is the authors lack of understanding of the concept of operator precedence. He actually claims that "10 * 2 + 1 / 3 - 7" will evaluate "left to right." (See page 142 is you think I'm joking.)He also makes utterly stupid comments like, "JavaScript counts everything," again and again throughout the book.This book is totally worthless as a reference, but I thought it would at least have some cool scripts. Wrong! The scripts are very basic and generally not very useful.Don't be fooled by this book's low price either. It's not worth it! You will have to buy a real JavaScript book later anyway.

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    2019-04-24 22:39

    If you want to learn Javascript and you need somebody to hold your hand, this book is perfect for you.The examples are simple, straightforward, explained in detail, and all examples are found on the web site.If you already know Javascript, this book may seem too simple for you. For beginners who might not have programming experience, this is a great book. You will certainly learn the basics of Javascript.You won't be sorry.

  • monkuboy
    2019-04-21 03:52

    I would highly recommend this book for someone new to JavaScript. Mr. Burns does an excellent job of demonstrating a good variety of popular and practical uses of the language- the reader is introduced to the different ways to employ JavaScript, is given code examples, and these examples are explained. Yes, there are errors in the code, but the thinking reader will be able to figure most of them out by doing just that- thinking (plus experimenting). I don't think Mr. Burn's objective was to have someone copy the code verbatim onto a web page without giving thought to how to adapt it to their particular situation. I had previously bought two other books on JavaScript which were excellent (comprehensive and technical - Danny Goodman's JavaScript Bible, and David Flanagan's O'Reilly guide) but nowhere near as easy to read as this one. Mr. Burn's book will give you a taste of what JavaScript can accomplish, and provide you with the background to read more advanced books on the topic. As a first course, this is a great book! One other thing- you should be familiar with HTML before reading this one.